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Our Practice


Dr Juan Diego Gonzalez and Dr Abraham are Primary Care Physician, board certified in Internal Medicine.

Serving the Brownsville area and beyond.

As a Doctor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Abraham offers you services as a primary physician as well as a consultant.

We have in place a laboratory to perform routine and specialized evaluations. We have cardio and respiratory lab, X-ray services  for better diagnosis and treatment of bone, osteo arthritis and respiratory and heart conditions. We have advance state of the art equipment with advance brain function evaluation, neuropathy screening and management among others. 

Dr Gonzalez is managing knee and shoulder pain and other arthritic pain with help of the use of fluoroscopic machine guided injections that are almost painless.

  •  Same Day Appointments as possible

  •  Clean Facility

  •  Knowledgeable & Caring Team

  •  Medicare & Major Insurances

  •  Internal Medicine Board Certified

We are currently accepting new patients from major insurances.

Juan Diego Gonzalez, MD. PhD

I am board certified in Internal Medicine, practicing in Brownsville, Texas. During my career I learned that the personal communication with each of one of my patient is the key to obtain the best care. A physician not only need to know how to prescribe medications but to understand his patient needs as a person.

Myself and my team focus our daily endeavour to comply with this objective. We make all the effort to deliver the highest quality care in a caring manner.

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